Upgraded Ceiling

An upgraded ceiling is chosen for two basic reasons: increased performance and enhanced appearance. Ceiling tiles are available in many textures and come in several sizes. There are two primary thicknesses: 5/8 and 3/4 of an inch.

Less expensive products are 5/8 inch thick. Tile of this thickness may sag after several years. 3/4 inch tile provides more strength, significantly reducing sagging. Thicker tile also provides better sound control by absorbing more sound within the space and by decreasing the transmission of sound through the tile.

Lower priced ceiling tiles usually have painted faces. The color of more expensive is intregal throughout. This is an advantage because a chipped tile face will be far less noticable.

As the performance of upgraded tile is increased, so are the choices of texture and color. Less expensive tile tend to look plain and patterning is primitive. Upgraded tile are available with textures which can enhance the look of the office.

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