Upgrade Carpet

There are two basic types of carpet: broadloom and carpet tile. Broadloom is carpet brought to the office on a roll, either 12 feet wide or 6 feet wide. Carpet tile is brought to the office as precut squares, 18 inches wide by 18 inches long. Carpet tile has the advantage that indiviual tiles can be replaced if a tile is soiled or excessively worn. Offices using "raised floor" always require carpet tile (individual carpet tiles can be pulled up so that raised floor tile can be removed to access the wiring underneath.) Broadloom carpet is still the most commonly used.

These two types of carpet can be purchased in a variety of grades. Basically, carpet with a denser pile (yarn) and stronger backing will last longer.

Furthermore, yarns may be vat dyed (the color is made intregral to the yarn itself) or skein dyed (the color is added after the yarn is made). Vat dyed is more color fast, stain resistant and can withstand harsher cleaning.

Denser pile, stronger backing, and stain resistance costs more than basic goods. However, the cost and inconvience of early replacement may far outweigh the initial cost of upgraded material.

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