Levels of Performance

With each higher level of performance, the project is increasingly likely to be completed on time -- even with unexpected problems.

 Level 0 Provide a milestone schedule and update it at the completion of each phase.

This is the lowest performance level that should be expected of any consulting or design firm.
 Level 1  Level 0 plus avoid consultant caused delays.

Our challenge is always to improve on the schedule!
 Level 2

  Level 1 plus

  • Help avoid client caused delays.
  • Establish a detailed schedule of client decisions and other activities required for completion of the project. Use a CPM schedule for large or complex projects.
  • Keep decision makers aware of the impacts of their delays on the schedule.
  • Present alternatives with adequate information on which management can make decisions.
  • Avoid revisions by providing look ahead information so that management can see the probable effects of their decisions on the outcomes of the next steps in the project.
  • Keep all client participants aware of the schedule and of their responsibilities. (E.g., Security, Purchasing, Telecommunications, and other support staffs)
  • Monitor schedule performance of all client participants and keep management informed of potential and actual schedule delays.

This is our normal basic level of service.

 Level 3

 Level 2 plus

  • Help avoid delays caused by others.
  • Require schedules from all of the client's vendors/ suppliers/ sub-contractors. Create a master schedule.
  • Monitor schedule performance of all parties and keep management informed of potential and actual delays.

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 Level 4 Level 3 plus if necessary take extraordinary measures to make up delays caused by others.

This usually requires Additional Services. However, sometimes it is a central requirement of a project. Check out, CMD, Inc.
 Level 5

 Level 3 or 4 plus develop planning and design in order to minimize construction time.

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