Project Performance

Check out the projects cited below for exceptional performance in meeting time related objectives.

First Card required a carefully orchestrated phased occupancy. Cabling contractors, furniture dealers, in-house information systems staff, movers, and the general contractor had to be coordinated to ensure on-time occupancy. We created a master Critical Path Method schedule and monitored performance to manage the occupancy process.

Taking extraordinary methods to overcome delays caused by others usually requires Additional Services. However, sometimes it is a central requirement of a project. When their architect fell behind in the preparation of design development and construction drawings, CMD, Inc. turned to us. We met their challenge and developed contract documents for a 250,000 square foot operations center in 24 calendar days (starting from a schematic design that we had helped developfor First Card.)

For our AT&T Universal Card assignment we delivered a new 240,000 square foot operations center plus over 150,000 square feet of temporary space in 11 months - from first being contacted until the building was completed, cabled, furnished and occupied.

Meeting schedules can be understood in terms of increasing levels of performance.


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