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Facility Planning
Cheyenne, WY
Project: Establish space requirements for each unit in the operations center, develop a plan for use of the existing building and determine how to provide any required additional space.
Focus: There were three major goals guiding the project
  • Adjust adjacencies to create efficiencies in current operations.
  • Create a flexible facility that could accommodate change in the operations and business of SafeCard.
  • Provide expanded amenities for the staff in keeping with the shift towards an "employee-centric" organization.

These goals were constrained by the requirements that any area to be renovated had to be vacated first and multiple relocations of units had to be minimized.

Solution: Project scope and area assignments were established from projected headcounts and preliminary program information. Even with 8,000 square feet being vacated by units relocating to a new corporate headquarters in Florida an addition of 30,000 square foot addition was still required to accommodate growth and provide an improved working environment.

The renovation was planned in seven phases, five having to be completed before the following one began. Only one multiple move was required - when a potential new business was temporarily added to the program.

Costs were budgeted on a square foot basis. The schedule was based on the size of each phase and its relative complexity. We scheduled each activity for each project from design through construction, furniture installation, cabling and move-in. This detailed schedule provided the basis for monitoring and managing the project schedules and cost.

Accomplishments: The program and plan provided an accurate baseline for the design of the addition and the remodeling of the existing building. The plan facilitated management, communications and flow of work and materials. The entire project scope was completed on time and under budget.

Project size: 140,000 sf
Headcount: 600

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