Modular furniture allows flexibility. Indirect lighting above.

Operations Center Interiors
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Project: Reconfigure the existing building after the telephone customer service center had been relocated to a new addition.
Focus: Create a flexible facility that could accommodate change over time. Provide an improved work setting and expanded amenities for the staff in keeping with the shift towards an "employee-centric" organization.
Solution: Flexibility is provided in a number of ways. The electrical distribution had been in walls. When a wall was relocated conduit had to be relocated. We moved electrical and communication wiring to underfloor raceways to increase flexibility.

Only partitions required to be fire rated extend above the ceiling. Entrances from the main corridors must be recessed to allow doors to swing in the direction of travel for exiting in emergencies. They have been designed so that they can be abandoned easily and new ones can be created simply without disrupting adjacent construction. 

Open spaces are large and thus allow the layout of modular furniture to be changed without impacting construction. Systems are sized to allow increasing use of computers without upgrading central equipment and major distribution trunks. 

Individual workstations were designed for each specific task. Sizes were standardized, but configuration varied according to task needs. The use of modular components allows reconfiguration to meet new needs. 

Veiling reflections on computer screens are minimized through the use of low brightness fixtures and indirect lighting.

Accomplishments: The project was completed on time and under budget. Flexibility for future change has been provided ñ both within individual units and for the entire center. An improved work environment and amenities have reduced turnover and improved job satisfaction.

Project size: 80,000 sf
Headcount: 500

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