servery dining room
Dining Room &Food Service Areas
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Project: Design a full service dining facility for a first shift staff of 650.
Focus: An existing dining room was under utilized. SafeCard instructed us to create a facility that the staff would appreciate and use. If necessary, SafeCard was willing to subsidize operating costs. However, construction cost was to be modest.
Solution: We placed the new dining room on an exterior curtainwall to provide views to the exterior. an adjoining, landscaped outdoor dining area was also provided. The facility was located centrally with respect to the staff.

A major design emphasis was placed on creating a place that the staff would use and enjoy. it had to be visually attractive. It needed to be a place that the staff considered to be theirs. safecard even held a contest to name it ó the winning name: "the associates club." 

In the servery we used natural materials in keeping with preferences of the region: wood fronts, a granitelike tray rail, ceramic pavers. surfaces exposed to wear were tough and low maintenance. 

Indirect up and down lighting is used to provide ambient light. fluorescent fixtures with parabolic lens directly light the food service lines and islands. this emphasizes the food and enhances its appearance. 

A private dining room is located adjacent to the kitchen. staff and managers can schedule this room for group meetings, birthdays, or other "get-togethers" and celebrations.

Accomplishments: After one year of operation sales cover the cost of operation, no subsidy by SafeCard is required. More than 500 meals are served daily. The staff considers the food service to be a convenience and a benefit of employment at SafeCard.

Project size: 6,500 sf

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