Levels of Performance

Each higher level of performance will increase the degree to which a client's needs and requirement are met.

Level 0
  • Record requirements stated by the client/user.
  • Analyze the site/building footprint and external constraints (e.g. building codes) in light of the stated requirements.
  • Develop a design that meets these requirements with typical offices and workstation designs.
Level 1 Level 0 plus explore and observe in order to discover unrecognized needs.
Level 2

Level 1 plus make a thorough search for effective solutions.

  • Develop alternative strategies and schematic designs to meet the project requirements.
  • Refine the design which best meets these requirements.
Level 3

Level 2 plus extend analysis and design to include work flow improvement.

  • Observe work practices and procedures to identify opportunities to improve work flow, productivity, add value, etc.
  • Work with the users to restructure the work processes and clarify project goals and objectives.
  • Analyze cost/benefits of the alternatives. Evaluate each alternate and recommend the optimum solution.

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