License Commission Hearing Room
License Commission Hearing Room

License Appeals Hearing Room
License Appeals Hearing Room

License Commission
Relocation of Offices
Chicago, IL
Project: Plan and design hearing rooms and supporting office space for a city government department.
Focus: Simple circulation to the two hearing rooms and other public spaces was a primary concern. Create hearing rooms having dignity and connoting authority. Provide around the clock security for all spaces.
Complications: Existing unchangeable construction severely limited design options. Not only is the shape of the space highly irregular but four existing corridor doors could not be moved or abandoned. The project is located below grade under a plaza. Two planter pits, voids in plan set diagonally to one another, are in the middle of the space. Each of these areas is over 900 sq. ft.
Solution: By creating an interior corridor and a series of connected rooms we were able to plan around the planter pits and make use of the corridor doors. Several rooms double as secured passageways. Doors have closers with special locking to ensure security.

None of the areas have natural light. The discreet use of concealed lighting, vision panels in doors and careful selection of colors provide a positive atmosphere. The hearing rooms were designed to impart a sense of civic authority, although functionally they are somewhat informal. They do not have juries. Hearing officers sit in place of judges. Witnesses are called. Attorneys, defendants and a court reporter are present. Each room seats about 50 people.

Accomplishments: The work environment is highly efficient and was very well received by staff and management. The spaces are secure for employees yet the public has easy access to the hearing rooms and other public areas. The hearing rooms have the appropriate character.

Project size: 10,000 sf
Headcount: 17 staff

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