Here you will find assistance in making strategic plans for your offices: Where they may be located? How much space you may require? And what special construction is needed or desired? Once you have resolved these three issues you will be ready to begin a search for space. You will be presented with cash flow projections to assist you in evaluating the consequences of your needs. We can help you in the search and design of your new offices. Give us a call.

Please enter/verify your company name below (it will appear in the title of the report).

We have arranged the initial planning phase into three steps.

1. The first is to select a location or region within the Chicago area and choose a target rental rate. If you know what you are likely to pay in base rent or you are located elsewhere you can skip this step and move to the next one.

2. Unless you already know how much space you want to lease, you will determine your space requirements next. We will request that you enter the quanitites of various types of work spaces. Your entries will be used to project the approximate area that you may need to lease. If you skip this step, you can enter the rentable area when requested.

3. The last step is to enter cost determinants, such as:

During this step you will also be able to enter or adjust the area to be rented, staff size, rental rate, etc.

Once the last step is completed, budgeted expenses over the first five years of the lease will be calculated and presented in a table. This will include rents, operating expenses, taxes and relocation expenses such as a new telephone system, the cost of movers, etc.

From this location you can also display a schedule for relocation. This consists of a list of tasks and a suggested time period for completionn of each phase.

The Chicago office leasing market has been broken down into nine areas. You can just point on the map below to the area that you wish to consider and click. A list of towns will be presented to confirm your selection. Or you can select the area by just clicking a button in the list below the map. After indicating the area and confirming it, select a target rental rate at the bottom of this section.



Space Requirements | Cost Determinants

1. Downtown Chicago (South) is bounded by the Chicago River on the North and extends to Roosevelt Boulevard. On the east it is bounded by the Lake and Jefferson on the west.

2. Downtown Chicago (North) includes the area from the Chicago River to Division Street and from the Lake west to Kingsbury.

3. The O'Hare Area is composed of the towns around O'Hare and nearby areas in Chicago.

4. Other Chicago are any areas not included in the above.

The remaining regions are suburban.

5. North Suburban includes areas from Bryn Mawr Avenue in Chicago north to the Wisconsin State line, from the Lake west to Highway 83.

6. Northwest Suburban is the area west of the North Suburban area generally bounded on the south by Army Trail Road.

7. West Suburban is immediately south of the Northwest Suburban is the . The area is generally west of Interstate 294.

8. The Near West Suburban area extends south from O'Hare to Interstate 55, and west from the city to roughly Interstate 290.

9. The last area is the South Suburban.

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