Base Data

Enter the following information to define the general parameters for the lease options analysis or to modify entries made in the previous steps.


Lease Data

Area Requiredsq.ft.Rentable orUsable
Lease period: years.
Rent $/sf/yr  

Special Construction (above building standard)

The following items are not normally included in your base rent. Indicate the spaces that you require. Entries that have been made automatically were taken from your space requirements input.

   Galley Kitchen(s)(quantity)
   Private toilet(s)(quantity)
   Private toilet(s) with shower(quantity)
   Built-in projection screens(quantity)
   Computer rooms(square feet)

Check the boxes of any of the following "above building standard construction" that you desire or require. Follow the link for an explanation of each item.

Glazed Entry
Custom built reception desk
Wall coverings (not paint) throughout
Wall coverings in public areas
Upgraded carpet or carpet tile %
Upgraded ceiling
Full height (to ceiling) doors
Sidelights at office doors
Electronic Ballasts
Deep Cell Parabolic Lens

Other Cost Data

Staff Size:   
Percentage of new furniture? 
New telephone system Yes  No


Discount Rate for Present Value calculations  %.



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