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Corporate Computer Center - Print Pool
Chicago, IL
Project: Design an in-house printing facility for one of Chicago's largest financial institutions.
Focus: The client needed to accommodate five large laser printers each capable of printing 1.5 million sheets of paper per day (that is four pages per second). Four impact printers for printing special forms and a computer output microform area were to be included, also. These activities had to be performed in the most efficient way possible.

A space similar to a computer room with a raised floor, controlled environment and fire protection was required to house the equipment and staff.

Solution: The results of our work flow study clearly defined the project requirements and an equipment layout that efficiently moved paper through the facility was developed.

A three tiered raised floor was installed to distribute air conditioning, power and data signal cable, each using one level. In addition to the sprinkler system, a Halon fire extinguishing system was installed. The Halon storage closet was designed to have access from two sides allowing more tanks to be stored in less space. High performance acoustical panels were used on walls to absorb noise and restful tones of blues and warm grays were selected to provide a comfortable aesthetic for the space.

Boxes of continuous form paper are stored inside the entry on pallets. An automated conveyor materials handling system was designed to ensure that the oldest paper is used first. The system can accommodate up to fifteen pallets. This capability was important since anticipated use was approximately three to four pallets per day. An adjacent mobile shelving system with about 2,000 LF of storage space is used to hold special forms.

As documents are printed, they are sorted into a "mail box" system accessible from outside the room. Large stacks of documents are picked-up at an adjacent window. Automatic sliding doors keep air exchange between the printing facility and the pick up window area to a minimum. To facilitate the delivery of tape for off-line printing, a dumbwaiter connects this printing facility with the tape drive area in the Corporate Computer Center on the floor above.

A conference room and break room inside the facility provides the staff with a convenient and quiet place for meetings and rest periods

Accomplishments: The client's objective was to create a smoothly running and highly productive printing system within a comfortable working environment. The resulting design more than exceeded his expectations.

Project size: 2,500 sf
Headcount: 12 per shift

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