Graphs show how often conference rooms of a particular size were being used by the client. Graphs show how often conference rooms of a particular size were being used by the client.
Trust Division
Chicago, IL
Project: Consolidate the Trust Division of CT&T from three different locations in downtown Chicago to the CT&T Building in order to achieve operating efficiencies and to reduce occupancy expenses.
Focus: Consolidation of an organization usually results in reducing supplementary facilities, such as conference rooms, copiers, reference and supply areas, since they can be shared. The capability to accurately predict performance of such ancillary functions can provide the basis for making good decisions.

For this project it was important to accurately determine how many conference rooms were necessary. Conference rooms are expensive. For example: a 225 S.F. room could cost $43,000 in rent over a 5 year period (225 S.F. x 1.5 planning and rentable factor x $25 rent per S.F. x 5 years). Build-out could cost $15,000 and furnishings a like amount. This is a total cost of nearly $75,000 over 5 years.

Adding a conference room that is not needed represents a significant waste of resources. One less conference room than necessary can result in lost staff time or lost business opportunities which could represent an even greater cost.

Solution: Using interviews and questionnaires, we assembled data about current and future meeting needs: types of meetings held, number of participants, length of meetings, scheduled or impromptu, and priorities.

Using our proprietary computer model we entered this data and simulated the use of a variety of sizes and numbers of conference rooms. The resulting data enabled us to predict wait times and determine room utilization for options. With these analyses we presented our clients with clear information which allowed them to make an informed decision on the number and type of conference rooms to be included within their office.

Accomplishments: In a post-occupancy evaluation performed some time after move-in, we found that in operation the conference rooms performed as predicted and the space design more than fulfilled our clients expectations.

Project size: 30,000 sf
Headcount: 140

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