Modular furniture allows flexibility. Indirect lighting above.

Customer Service Center
Jacksonville, FL
Project: Plan and design a Customer Service Center for AT&T: Universal Card -- at the time, a new venture.
Focus: Programming had to anticipate client needs without the benefit of history or established procedures. The fast-track schedule allowed only 11 months from start of design to move-in.
Solution: Senior management instructed us to deliver a premier customer service center which was flexible and capable of uninterrupted operation.. In the early design phases we had only this directive and our experience with similar projects to guide us.

We developed an innovative floor plan creating workstation clusters encircling managers for maximum visual contact between managers and staff. This layout also created flexible boundaries between units and allowed organizational changes with only minor physical revisions. Access flooring was used throughout the office areas to allow easy change of power and cabling.

Redundant generators were used for backup power. An UPS system served each customer service work station and the telephone switch room. The frequent power outages never disrupt the customer service function. The HVAC system has redundant components to provide year round cooling, even while major maintenance is being performed.

Computer applications and our systematic process were used extensively to ensure a high efficiency and effectiveness during design and documentation phases. This allowed us to meet what would otherwise be impossible deadlines.

Complications: As the deadline for approved designs approached AT&T announced the Universal Credit Card with introductory commercials during the 1990 Academy Awards telecast. AT&T anticipated 17,000 responses. 250,000 were received. This overwhelming success required substantial rework of the floor plans to accommodate increased population on all floors.
Accomplishments: Move-in was completed on schedule. AT&T is pleased with the performance of the building and its interior. It is a source of pride to management and the customer service staff.

Three years after occupancy, Universal Card won the coveted Malcolm Baldridge Award for quality - an accomplishment that management attributed in large part to their supportive facility.


Project size: 225,000 sf
Headcount: 1500

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