Capsule-shaped module conceals columns and accommodates files, storage and remote equipment. Furniture areas retain flexibility.

AT&T Universal Card
Headquarters: Marketing Department
Jacksonville, FL
Project: Plan and design a working environment with high public visibility that projects a clear image of quality and professionalism.
Focus: Because of a mandated adjacency to Executive Management, Marketing had to fit into 75% of the programmed area requirement without appearing overcrowded.
Solution: Working closely with key Marketing staff members we identified special requirements which could be satisfied by adjacent groups sharing certain facilities. By doing this we were able to reduce the total required square footage of the project.

Offices and workstations were reassigned and down-sized. The number of private offices was kept to a minimum. Workstation panels were placed perpendicular to window walls to allow the entire staff to enjoy natural light and a beautiful lake view.

Styling features: Capsule-shaped modules were placed at interior columns to accommodate files, storage and remote equipment. These modules helped in preventing the entire space from looking like a "sea of workstations", and gave a sense of personal privacy to the individual staff members. This was of particular importance due to the large number of required workstations within the space.

The color palette displayed a range of muted tones in sage green, light salmon and other neutrals with workstation componentry of mahogany. Stronger color was used on seating to punctuate the overall neutral quality of the space.

Accomplishments: Careful planning and true teamwork between DAAC and the Marketing staff resulted in a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing workplace.

Project size: 23,500 sf
Headcount: 103

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