First Card - Servery AT&T Universal Card Dining Room. Soaring ceiling with clerestory.
First Card - Dining Room. Lunchtime views of a pond and landscaped areas.
Elgin, IL
Jacksonville, FL
Dining & Food Service Areas
Project: Planning and design of kitchen, servery and dining room facilities that accommodates 500-600 occupants.
Focus: Working with a commercial kitchen equipment consultant, the design team carefully studied alternate traffic flow patterns, functional space requirements and equipment needed to successfully serve the average daily number of diners.
Solution: Islands were developed to divide menu selections into categories such as salad bars, soft drink center, etc. because they allow a better utilization of space and minimize crowding at peak periods. In order to achieve the desired aesthetic effect when lighting food items, special consideration was given to the selection and placement of light sources.

Finish materials were carefully chosen not only for ease of maintenance and durability but for suitability in use around food items. Color schemes were created to be attractive but subtle enough to enhance the display of food items and make them more appealing and appetizing.

Large greenhouse windows overlooking an outdoor deck with a beautifully landscaped area beyond, were designed to provide a focal point for the main dining room in the two projects mentioned here. Smaller, private dining rooms adjacent to the main dining room were also designed to accommodate luncheon meetings or special events.

Accomplishments: The approval rating of both of these typical food service facilities is very high. They have proved to be a popular place for impromptu staff gatherings in addition to the regular food service periods.

Project size: 8,000 sf (each)

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