Sun screens reduce heat gain. Sun screens allow view to exterior.
Addition to Headquarters & Manufacturing Facility
Alsip, IL
Project: Plan and design additions to the headquarters and manufacturing plant.
Focus: A major concern had been the heat gain, glare and glass breakage that had been experienced due to the floor to ceiling south facing glass.
Solution: In investigating alternative plans and elevations we determined that the only way to address the sun related issues was with the use of a fairly extensive overhang or with an applied screening device. Since two thirds of the facade was existing, the sunscreen made the most sense.

To design the sun screen in the south-facing exterior wall of Ardco, shown above, we first developed a computer program to track the sun during each day of the year to get information about solar conditions and sun penetration. We adjusted the design until we arrived at the optimal design for all seasons. CADD studies were used to evaluate the views to the exterior and for presentation to the client.

The lower portion of the sunscreen allow sun to penetrate during the colder months to warm the edge of the floor slab. Then upper section admits only filtered light, thereby eliminating glare and significantly reducing heat gain. This configuration minimized the material required to block the sun. The horizontal orientation of the slats in the center section allows people to see above the horizon when seated at their desks. 

Each sunscreen pivots for easy cleaning of the floor to ceiling glass.

Accomplishments: The static sun screen efficiently controls the sun and gives the building a "streamlined" appearance when viewed from the adjacent expressway. It helps tie the addition and the existing building together. Glass breakage, which had been a significan problem, has been eliminated.

Project size: 160,000 sf
Headcount: 110

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