Chairman's office is an open workstation like every other officer, reflecting an attitude of equality.

Corporate Headquarters (Customer Service Center - Phase 2)
Elgin, IL
Project: Phase 2 - Design office space for the FIRST CARD Executive, Marketing, Human Resources and Systems Groups.
Focus: In the interest of flexibility, the Client decided that no private offices would be built. All executives and staff would occupy open or semiprivate workstations. This did not diminish the need to convey an upscale image in executive offices.
Solution: After visiting and observing other office spaces as bench marks for the planning and design of Phase 2, the Chairman of FIRST CARD decided that utilizing open workstations for all staff, including the officers, would be preferable to private offices. He arrived at that decision because of the rate of change anticipated and associated costs that would be encountered over the life-span of the facility. Having a strong belief in projecting a sense of staff equality, he included himself in the directive.

All three floors were designed with open or semiprivate workstations, comfortably spaced and grouped in clusters around an open atrium area. Located on the main floor of the atrium space is a lounge area with a large fountain as its focal point. The cascading water provides a pleasant, restful background sound that is carried throughout the working environment.

Executive semiprivate workstations were placed on the perimeter windows. Staggered glass panels were used on the corridor side of these workstations for added interest and also to allow natural light to filter into the central office area. Conference rooms provide the necessary privacy for meetings and are the only rooms utilizing full height partitions. Workstations for the key executives are spacious and attractively furnished with cherry worksurfaces, lounge furniture and upgraded fabrics and finishes.

Electrical power and communication cabling are distributed throughout under an accessible raised floor.

Accomplishments: FIRST CARD is pleased with the result and feel that we have helped them achieve their goals of flexibility, functionality and image.

Project size: 86,000 sf
Headcount: 250

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